Thursday, April 1, 2010

walk a mile in her shoes

I had the day off yesterday so I decided to try on the life some of my full-time mommy friends. I left Andre at home with the nanny and I dropped off Luca at preschool. What is a mom to do? Cleaners, Target, supermarket, paint store, car wash… I did what I always do, but with more time on my hands and without the boys in tow. Easier, but not very glamorous. Hmmm…. Is this really what I sometimes wish for? The afternoon was nicer. I had sushi with my friend Ana and then we went for a mani pedi. Now that’s a treat!
It was a fun experiment. I definitely enjoyed my little adventure. Maybe next month I’ll try on the life of my full-time mommy friends who do not have a nanny. I have the feeling my nails will not look nearly as good at the end of the day!

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