Monday, May 24, 2010

the juggling act

My dad and my husband can juggle really well. From apples to toys, they can toss a few objects in the air and make it look easy and fun.

I'm not much of a juggler, but I feel like one when it comes to work and being a mom. On Thursday, our nanny was off for the morning and Andre came to the office with me. While he was exploring the books, tugging on the courtains, crawling through the office and getting cookies from my coworkers, I managed to send out an online survey for an important client project. Since I had an eye and and ear occupied with Andre, I triple checked every one of the 54 emails I sent that morning. It is easy to have a typo or mismatch a name to an email address when only 50% of my sight and hearing are dedicated to the task. The nanny finally came to pick him up and the emails went out without a hitch. The extra checking did cause a backlog of work and the rest of the day was pretty busy and stressful.

On Friday we held a company retreat and I was surprised to hear the team tell me about how much they enjoyed having Andre at the office and how impressed they were about how I did the mom and work thing so smoothly. I made it look easy and fun. I have a new appreciation for jugglers. That was some very hard work, no matter what their perception!


  1. Andre is so cute. I would not mind having him around the office with those chubby cheeks!

  2. Thanks, Erika. It was a tough day at the office but having some time with Andre was worth it.

  3. Stopping from SITS! I am glad that things worked out. I can't blog while my son is around. I really do get typos.

  4. Hi JDaniel4's Mom,
    I know, I'm pretty surprised it worked out. I guess that's how we learn to multitask. I'd rather have peace and quiet while doing work, though!

  5. Hi there,
    I was wondering if you know what moms do when their child is sick and they use a daycare facility as their main child care. They can't go to daycare sick and it's not really an option for me to take them to work with me, especially when they are sick!
    A post suggestion for the future!