Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a simple high

Last week, Alain and I had a parent/teacher meeting at school. We sat down in the tiny pre-school chairs to speak with the teacher and I was a little aprehensive. Last year we were called to the school because Luca was hitting and pushing other children, and earlier this year we were called to school because he was being unruly.

But the teacher sat down in the tiny chair in front of us and said "I'm very happy with Luca. He's focused, he's learning, he's objeying rules. He's a bright boy." As his parents, we know this about Luca. But we also know that his endless energy, curiosity and stubborness have to be channelled positively for those qualities to shine. I felt a combination of maternal pride, accomplishment and gratitude. Maternal pride that my child is doing well in school. Accomplishment because Alain and I have certainly done a lot to help him do better. Gratitude because his teacher is a very good one.

For the past few days I've been on a high because Luca is doing well in pre-school. I wonder what I will feel like when he graduates from high school, or gets his first job.

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