Monday, June 6, 2011

children leading our path

Since Luca was born 4 years ago, his social life has been determined by my husband and I. He learned to play with our friends' children, learned to share at the park we chose, learned to sing and dance at the local library on the day that we could take him, learned to follow rules at the school we send him to.

But now Luca has been growing into his own wonderful self and he is developing friendships that go beyond playing in the same shared space, and are based on similar likes, shared fondness and compatibility of personality. My husband, Andre and I find ourselves now having playdates and attending events that are led by Luca's friendships. A mom and dad with whom we may not otherwise have developed a friendship, are now becoming our friends.

In years to come, I imagine this new phenomenom will expand beyond friendships and into activities that we do as a family, places we visit, and eventually where we end up living. After all, if our boys move away with their families, we may want to follow them where they go... and here I am once again thinking about the future, but I guess that's what children do: they renew our interest for what's to come.  


  1. I was just thinking about this today, how my mom had to tolerate my friend and their families for my happiness. Mothers are amazing really.

  2. So cute! That's great that he is developing friendships so young! :)