Wednesday, April 21, 2010

walk a mile in her shoes - part 2

I wrote an entry a couple of weeks ago about spending a day as a stay-at-home mom. Our nanny was out sick yesterday so I got a chance to try out the stay-at-home mom shoes but this time it was sans nanny. The morning went as usual, except that I didn’t feel the pressure to get ready and leave the house on time. After Luca went off to preschool with Alain, I had a chance to spend a little time with Andre before his nap, and then got all housework and email done.

After Andre’s nap, off we went to the supermarket, lunch with Alain, a quick stop at Sea World and finally to pick up Luca at preschool. We spent the afternoon playing and got dinner ready for when Alain came home. My mommy duties went on and on until the boys went to bed. And then, as you know from yesterday’s post, I had some things to do.

By the time I got some time to myself, I was so exhausted that I dropped my big plans for a self-manicure and just laid on the couch next to Alain while he studied. I was tired and craving adult conversation, but I felt really lucky to have spent the day with my children. I’m looking forward to going to the office today, but this day stirs up a question I’ve pondered before: what if I worked fewer days a week?

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