Saturday, June 5, 2010

a day at the beach

Now that the weather is warmer Alain and I have the perfect plan for Saturday with the boys: the beach.

We pack light. Large beach bag with:
- 4 towels
- 2 diapers
- 1 box of wipes
- 2 bottles for the boys
- 1 lunch box with lunch for the boys
- 1 change of clothes for the boys
- 1 big container of baby powder (you'll learn why later)
- small sand toys

We arrive right before nap time. The boys enjoy the water and play for a couple of hours. By the time we leave they are worn out and overdue for a nap. We dry them and then cover them in baby powder. It absorbs the moisture completely, the sand falls off as if by magic, and the car thanks us for it. As they settle in their car seats to drink a bottle of whatever their choice of liquid is that day, they doze off and peace and quiet reign.

Peace & Quiet

We found a little outdoor eating place with a parking lot next to the tables on the sidewalk. We sit next to the car, leave the windows open, and let them nap in the ocean breeze. Alain and I have the luxury of discussing the economy, the soccer cup, and all kinds of adult interests. The nap sometimes lasts well after we arrive home, giving us a chance to watch TV or do home improvement.

Fun AND relaxing for all four of us. What is your perfect weekend plan?


  1. Oh! You are so lucky to live by the beach. For us it's the park, but the kids sure love it and they do pass out afterwards. Maybe I'll search for a place where we can eat while the sleep!

  2. I didn't know about the baby powder but it makes sense. Great tip!