Monday, July 12, 2010

summer camp

I was at a department store a few weeks ago when I fell in love with a bag. It was one of those buttery leather, goes with everything, classic yet modern bag and it was on sale. I held it, tried it on and looked at it from far away, inside an out. Even when on sale, this bag was just the kind of bag that I could wear for years to come. If I were to amortize the cost, I pondered, I could get down to 50 cents per time I used it. It was such a smart buy, of course.

And, of course, I do not need any bags. Who actually needs a bag? I can do just fine with the ones I already have. I put the bag down and walked away, feeling a little disappointed and letting go of all the images of cute outfits I had already put together in my mind.

That same night, I logged in to the YMCA page and signed up Luca for his first ever summer camps. Swim camp and gymnastics camp. Today was his first day of camp and he had fun, learned about sharing, had a swim lesson and had experiences that will shape the little boy he is and the good man he will become.

The fee for the camps could have paid for the bag. But I know that if I amortize the cost, the investment is a million times more worth while.


  1. That bag is very nice, but I'm sure your son's smile is sooo much nicer.

  2. A worthy sacrifice. Well done mama. But that bag is gorgeous!