Wednesday, August 25, 2010

bringing work home

One of the many things that allow me to work from home when needed: my Macbook Pro

Before becoming a mother, the boundaries between work and life were clean and clear. I did my best to keep them separate, and was successful most of the time.

During the recent years, however, I bring work from home on most week days and even some weekends. I find myself glued to my laptop at dawn and late at night. The workload has not changed, but my life has. Motherhood does not check out at the door when I get to the office. The nanny invariably calls because Andre has a fever, or because Alain left the house with the carseats. The school holds forums, parent-teacher appointments and fundraisers during work hours. The pediatrician only takes patients from 9 to 5.

Motherhood never rests, so work has to come home with me. If I take Andre to the pediatrician or attend Luca's Winter forum, I bring the proposal document home and finish it up in the evening. The reason I don't mind bringing work home with me is the cause behind it. I can be a working mom. 

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