Monday, August 23, 2010

the nap that did it

Such a memorable moment deserved to be captured in a picture. 

Last week was tough. On Friday, I rushed home from work so Alain could leave the house and make it to a meeting. I still had work to do from home, Luca and Andre were hungry and cranky, and the house was a mess. I was ready to quit. When I say quit, I'm not sure if I wanted to quit work or motherhood, or just being both at the same time, but I was definitely feeling like I wanted to quit something.

About an hour later, however, something miraculous happened. It was incredible, unbelievable, almost unreal. Yes. Both of my children started their nap at the same time. By then, the house was orderly and my emails were answered so.... I took a nap. Yes. I took a nap in the middle of the day. And not only did I nap for 30 minutes, I woke up and read a couple of chapters from my new friend the nook.

All of a sudden, I felt centered again. Like, although it is hard to juggle work and motherhood, I was fit to do it and it was not so hard after all. I felt light, in a good mood, thankful for having a home, a good husband and such beautiful children.

I was thinking about that feeling today and realized that all it takes for this crazy life to feel OK is a little break here and there. I know this already, but boy is it hard to make it happen. Whatever caused the miracle on the memorable Friday afternoon, I hope it happens again soon.


  1. Off topic, but how do you like your nook?

  2. Oh, those are so essential aren't they? Sometimes when my husband is home I sneak away and just tune out and read a magazine for about 15-20 mins...sometimes it's all I need. Hope you find more of these times at the exact time that you need them:)

  3. Lupe: I love my nook! I will post about it later and give my unofficial review.

    Melissa: I know... if only they could come just a little more often! I have done the sneak-in-the-room-to-read-a-magazine trick and it is such a guilty pleasure. I come out feeling great :)