Saturday, August 28, 2010

my baby is back in school

There is a sure sign that my baby is still a baby, even though he is back in school. Here is the list of school "supplies" that I am to send:

- 2 boxes of baby wipes
- 2 boxes of kleenex
- 1 pillow
- 1 blanket
- 2 outfits
- 1 box of washable Crayola markers...

If it were not for the last item, I would think I was packing for a day at Sea World.


  1. I sometimes look at children who are the age of my girls when they started pre-school and I think, they are just babies!! I should have kept them at home a little longer :(

  2. LOL! Too funny!

    We're into week three here, already. His THIRD year of preschool (hey, he's a summer birthday! Better older than younger, right?). ;)

  3. Yes! At least they are a little bit older when they start :)