Monday, August 30, 2010

i am glad...

The family is on it's fourth week without a nanny and, with just one more week to go, we are very very very tired. Alain and I split the childcare duties. While I work from 6 to 12, he takes care of the boys. While he works from 12 to 6, I do. Then at night when the boys go to bed, we catch up on the work we could not get done.

In spite of the tough schedule, there are things I am happy about...

  • An amazing husband: in this temporary child care arrangement, he got the tough shift. He is bathing, feeding and entertaining the boys during the morning when they are most active. At the same time, he's also working from home because there are calls and emails that cannot wait until noon. I come home to make lunch and put them down for their nap. Not once has he complained.
  • A small home: the smaller it is, the less there is to clean up.
  • A recent cleaning and purging spree: same concept as above
  • An very understanding boss: who else would ask how I'm doing instead of asking how I'm going to do it?
  • My ability to function, albeit not very well, without sleep
  • The boys' magical nap synchronization
  • Family meals: being at home more has given us the chance to make a nice lunch and sit together as a family.
Moms, have you ever had to do this for a significant amount of time? 


  1. You are right. There are so many things to be happy or thankful about even when there are other things that are not going well. I hope your nanny comes back soon!

  2. I have not, thank goodness, but definitely know it would be hard to make it happen. Even when we have to stay home for a day or two when one of our children, it's tough to manage the workload.

  3. You are so amazing to be able to look on the bright side. That sounds really tough. My husband and I did this for a very short time and it was HARD. Thank goodness for nap synchronization...huge!

  4. LOL! Most of the time I'm pulling my hair out, but when I wrote this post I was feeling positive :-)

  5. I guess there's always something to be thankful for. Even us girls with no kids can take a page from that book. Stopping by from LBS!