Friday, September 3, 2010

just let me lie down

If you are a working mom and you have not yet read Just Let Me Lie Down I'd like to take a moment to recommend the book. I was reading Real Simple magazine, the Family issue where Pancakes and French Fries' Jules is featured, and I ran across the ad by chance.

I recently got a nook for my birthday and, wanting to exercise my fast book-purchasing power, I downloaded it that moment.

I have laughed a lot as I read it, since I can relate to her working mother struggles. For example, she defines the Cone of Silence, which is the silence that school teachers keep about her "shortcomings" like sending a child completely covered in dog hair, or forgetting to send lunch money a few times in a row.

I've also wondered how on earth she got into my head and wrote down the things I was thinking about. The last day of her maternity leave, she held her son and did math in her head to calculate the number of hours she would spend with her child versus the number of hours the nanny would spend with her child. In her mind, if she got more than 50% of the time, she was still the mom.

Written for a working mom, it's short and does not have a plot so you can read any page at any time and get something out of it.

Are you reading any books you would like to recommend?


  1. I just read this book and could totally relate. I also read Belly Laughs and it was sooo funny. It's about being pregnant and everything that no one tells you about.

  2. Over here from LBS Tea Party...

    I'm not a working mom yet, but I will be.

    I think I need to seriously consider this book, as some of the things you posted about above, I have wondered about!

    -Elizabeth @ Permanently At Lunch

  3. Oh. I think I need to read this book right now!