Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 signs you are a working mom

I don't always let my clients know that I am a mom of two lovely boys. Sometimes it just doesn't come up in conversation, but it almost always comes out somehow. Here are 10 signs that give away the secret:

1. Open up my leather-bound note pad to take notes during a meeting and find that ALL the pages on the notebook contain a doodle, scratch or letter in purple crayon

2. Offer to drive us to lunch and the person who sits in the backseat can't get out... I forgot to undo the child lock

3. Searching in my purse for the business card holder and, as I pull it out, a red convertible '67 Mustang HotWheels falls out on the floor

4. Holding an action planning meeting, and someone kindly points out that I have something on my face. The "something" is goopy oatmeal from Andre's kiss goodbye this morning.

5. Fire-up my laptop to show a PPT presentation and everyone present gets to hear Go, Diego, Go!'s "The Great Roadrunner Race" game song.

6. Walking away to pick up a document from the printer, I glance back and notice the back of my shouder smeared with boogers

7. At five o'clock I leave the office as if it were on fire, unable to stay even a minute longer than planned, so I can relieve the nanny from her shift

8. Upon arrival at the office, I check email and find that three clients have replied to emails sent from my smart phone saying things like "bbbbbooodidiidiiiiuu uuuuuuuhfudhudhdu" and "pppppoooopopopopooooopppo"

9. Pull out my ipad from its cover and it has hundreds of tiny finger smudges, smelling a lot like peanut butter (I hope)

10. Come home from work, kick off my shoes, change into jeans, and get some hugs, kisses and attention from the loveliest little men in the world


  1. I especially love the doodles & scribbles in your notebook. my kids do that ALL the time! great list!

  2. yup. that sounds about right. I'm returning to doing what i call the 'working mom mambo' on the 28th.

  3. I love all the little "love notes" you find throughout your day.

    The child lock doors crack me up. ;)

  4. hehehe. the child lock thing just happenned again with a client. thank goodness she's a mom also and laughed it off!

  5. This is one of the best blogs I've read in awhile! I found you via SITS and can't wait to read more!
    I too am a working mom and I love reading about and following other working moms. While I love the blogging community, sometimes I get to feeling like maybe I'm the only working mom out there!
    Nice to "meet" you!