Friday, April 1, 2011

happy anniversary, on a learning journey!

This blog started 1 year ago today. Not knowing what I was really looking for, but feeling that it was the right step to take, I created an account and published my first post

My inspiration came by chance. I was thinking about some home improvements and decorations I wanted to undertake and looking for ideas online. I came across Nicole Balch's Making It Lovely and I fell in love with her blog. A thorough look into her blog roll and many evenings spent visiting blogs written by women on a variety of topics slowly led me to want to write my own. So I did.

This year of blogging has been so rewarding. I found some favorite blogs that I visit regularly, like Pancakes & Frenchfries, Confessions of a Dr. Mom, Mommypants, and AcademiChic. They keep me informed/entertained/fashionable/connected. I also found a lovely community of bloggers and their comments bring companionship, understanding and friendship.

On A Learning Journey was recently featured by SITS, a community that supports women bloggers. It was such a positive and validating experience!

While I still feel like a newbie to blogging, I also feel like I've been blogging forever. I am thankful to all the fellow bloggers and readers who have visited, read, commented and shared, and I look forward to what this second year has to bring!


  1. happy anniversary to you! i celebrate 2 years this month! such a fun hobby!