Tuesday, April 26, 2011

on being a better mom... in the afternoon

After a full day of work, I climb into my car and drive home. I wearily exit the car and experience my favorite moment of the day: two lovely smiling boys running up to hug me and excitedly saying "mami!!!."

Immediately afterwards comes my least favorite part of the day. I am not sure if it's crazy hour, or that toddlers can tell when a mommy is tired, but these boys turn into little screaming machines. They both want attention and they want it immediately. So I find myself still in heels and a suit, playing soccer inside the living room with one child and also trying to prevent the other one from throwing a picture frame down the stairs. Both, discontinuing indoor soccer and preventing the dangerous picture frame throw, result in more screaming... Oh, and did I mention that the nanny thinks it is the best moment to tell me all about how many times they pooped and what color it was? Picture this scenario in many variations every week day after work.

About an hour later, things start to settle a little. By then, I am absolutely exhausted and my fuse is rather short. I am wondering about what I can do upon entry into my home that will lead to a more harmonious transition. It would greatly benefit all of us to do things differently. Perhaps some kind of quiet routine.

Any ideas? I'll share what I come up with.

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