Wednesday, August 18, 2010

juggling work and childcare - new horizons

It was Friday afternoon last week and, although happy to have spent so much time with my husband and children during the week, I was happy that our staycation was ending. My relief lasted about 10 hours because the following morning I got a call from the nanny. Upon returning from vacation, she fell and broke her other wrist while out with her daughters.

This time, the break required surgery and Alain and I are doing childcare and full-time work. While I'm tired as can be and it's only been two weeks , this has been a test that we have passed with flying colors.

Besides the significant increase in fatigue and sleep deprivation that are standard for parents of two young and active toddlers, we have managed pretty well. The house is clean and orderly, work is moving along, the boys are happy to hang out with us, and we love spending more time with them. It gives me peace of mind that, where we ever forced to go sans nanny indefinitely, we could do it. The main sacrifice? Time with my hubby. I think we would need many more date nights to make up the difference.

I've been worrying about what we will do 3 or 4 years from now when we no longer have a nanny because both boys will be in school and, come summer break, we have to do it all ourselves. I guess I have a feasible answer.

How did you handle childcare this summer?


  1. Wow I'm amazed that you've been able to maintain an orderly home and a job. The one thing that I have to let go is my (so-called)standards of cleanliness and tidiness while attempting to part-time work from home, manage my two boys over the holidays and never had any childcare.

    I guess the thing is once you've figured out some kind of routine and have support from your partner, anything is possible. But phew! It's exhausting too.

  2. summer with a toddler in malta is so far not so fun... I am still experimenting and trying to find good ways to spend the super hot days. however when he is older we do also have summer school here were children meet up and have lots of activities. I am not sure yet if I'll send him but anyway things are there if need be :) passed from SITS

  3. @Babes About Town: You are right! I hadn't thought about it, but the routine and my awesome hubby are making this happen. I should say, however, that today the house got messy for a while and I thought we'd never make it back!
    @Melissa: trying to figure things out can be tough. I definitely sympathize and I'm the same place.